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We Need a Bipartisan Approach to Reform

A Bipartisan Approach to Reform

By: | April 6th, 2017

As conversations continue in Washington regarding the future of the ACA, Enroll365 remains focused on the potential impact this future will have on our clients and patients.  At the forefront of this concern is an understanding that the best answer to solving the differences that exist between the two parties in DC is the need for a bipartisan approach to reform.

As the following NY Times article shows,(, this reality is beginning to surface in DC as members of both sides of the aisle begin to see the need to come together to solve healthcare reform concerns in America.

Having a bipartisan approach, which takes into account the needs of all Americans, is what is best for the country, and what is best for the survival of the individual healthcare market.

Instead of moving rapidly towards a repeal of the ACA, we need consensus. As this article from CNBC shows, health insurance providers want to see a comprehensive bipartisan approach to health-care reform ( ).

Paramount to carriers remaining part of the individual market is the need to fund subsidies and cost sharing for all Americans who need help paying for their insurance premiums.

And based on this article from the NY Times (https://mobile-nytimes ), the continued funding of subsidies through 2018 looks secure.

Enroll365 understands the importance of a bipartisan approach to health-care reform, as anything short will continue to breed animosity between elected officials in Washington, and will create an atmosphere that will not allow for long term stability in the healthcare marketplace.

We welcome your thoughts and options on this topic, and thank you for your partnership as we continue to move forward with our goal in supporting our client’s need for help in finding the insurance they need and deserve. Having Americans insured with affordable healthcare coverage is the country’s best interest, and we remain dedicated to supporting our clients.


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