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GOP pulls AHCA bill

GOP pulls AHCA bill

By: | March 25th, 2017

On Friday, March 24th, 2017 the GOP AHCA bill meant to replace the ACA, was pulled when it was clear it would not get the votes needed to pass.

Between the Democrats complete disinterest in considering the bill, and  the Republican’s inability to come to a consensus, the AHCA seemed doomed from the beginning.

But, where does that leave your average American who understands the need for affordable health care coverage?

Depending on where you get your news and information, you can be lead to believe the ACA as it stands will continue to be effective ( ) or it is doomed to implode ( ).

The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle.

At Enroll365 we understand that no matter what happens in DC, we need to create a consumer driven model if we are going to see any real changes in the cost of health care in America.

We understand that Health Savings Accounts and making choices in regards to where a patient seeks out health care (Clinics vs Emergency Rooms) is a big first step towards achieving a consumer driven approach.

However, as this article shows  , it can often be difficult for consumers to navigate the healthcare market to make those consumer driven decisions.

That is why Enroll365 is here 365 days a year, to help our clients understand their healthcare coverage, and to be available to them to discover options like teledoc coverage, which allows our clients’ to embrace this consumer driven approach, knowing they have support from their Enroll365 agent. At Enroll365 we know people need coverage, need access to care, especially preventative care. We know small illness can lead to major health problems when left unchecked, and that access to care is good for everyone.

Further, Enroll365 is a strong advocate for this  consumer driven approach to health care. This means we want to see people take a proactive approach to their healthcare needs.  By using clinics instead of Emergency Rooms, opting for teledoc alternatives, and searching out lower cost providers of services, we will begin to see competition which will lead to lower overall costs.

A key piece of this approach is the choice of an Health Savings Account (HSA) plan.

HSA’s are being consider as congress looks at their “Repeal and Replace” options for ACA.

The following article details some of the benefits, and potential concerns around Health Savings Accounts.

Although this article sees HSA’s a as an option that benefits higher wage earners, here at Enroll365 we believe with a little more understanding, everyone can utilize the benefits of these types of plans.  Give us a call to learn more about how an HSA might be a fit for you.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback as valued partners, and, as always, will remain focused on the happenings in DC and how they may impact healthcare coverage for our clients.

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