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Health insurance premiums are going up

Health insurance premiums are going up

By: | October 28th, 2016

If you’ve had any experience with the Health Insurance Marketplace you know that it’s a tough pill to swallow. You’re damned if you do and can be totally screwed if you don’t. Health insurance premiums are going up across the nation and social media is blowing up with frustrated people who are struggling with the premiums as they are…

This makes me so mad. I couldn’t afford insurance and still be able to take my kids to the Dr so we opted out. But thanks to obummer we still get to pay for someone else to have insurance. Boo

Higher premiums & co-pays with substandard service… Or better yet, go to the hospital without insurance face that bill and then the fine for not having the insurance… it’s truly a loosing battle for most Americans.

Most of you are familiar with the letter from your current carrier letting you know how much your current health insurance premiums are going up. Although the average is 25% across the nation, your plan may show an increase of 40% or even more.

Let not your heart be troubled, however.  What these notices don’t tell you is how much your subsidy is also increasing.  Approximately 86% of Americans are currently receiving a subsidy that offsets or shares the cost of their health insurance premium.  The good news is that the number of eligible subsidy recipients isn’t likely to change much if at all for 2017 and many subsidies are actually increasing Many of the families and individuals who call us are surprised to hear that their share of the premium cost is relatively the same or at least not as high as they were expecting.

In any case, give us a call at 1.855.880.8777 or click here to see how your premiums are going to ultimately affect your pocket book.

And in an effort to keep things light-hearted… have you seen this yet?

Health insurance premiums are going up – The

positive spin


2 thoughts on “Health insurance premiums are going up

  1. Sean

    I received a letter from my current carrier, Molina, about a month ago estimating my premium would go up from $74 to $387 with my subsidy. Yes, I freaked out a little.
    Yesterday I got an email from saying…
    “You could save money when you shop for a new plan. People who switch plans within the same coverage level for 2017 could pay an estimated $28 per month less on average compared to their 2016 premium.”
    What gives? I called your number and talked with Dustin, he ran my numbers and the actual result is my premium for the same coverage would be $148. That’s exactly double what I had paid in 2016. As far as my family goes, we were lucky enough to not go to the doctor much last year… knock on wood… And there are cheaper plans available where we would still be spending less or about the same in total for health care. Still haven’t decided what plan I should go with for 2017 but at least I know my REAL premium and tax credit total out of pocket if I kept the same plan.


    • admin

      We’re glad you found the coverage you needed at a price you could afford. We’re also happy you found value in our service and also took the time to leave us a positive comment.

      We sincerely thank you and would also remind you that when you enroll in health insurance through Enroll365, we become your “agent of record.” If you ever have questions or issues with your health insurance provider, we become your advocate and will even call in to your provider with you to help resolve any issues.

      Thanks again,
      Enroll365 Management.


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