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House Delays Vote

House Delays Vote

By: | March 23rd, 2017

The House delays vote to repeal and replace the ACA with the AHCA yesterday due to a lack of votes needed to pass.

With no support from the Democrat side of the aisle, and no consensus from the Republican side, as the Freedom Caucus demands deeper cuts to budgetary costs, and moderate conservatives voice concerns that the bill will leave far too many currently insured Americans uninsured, there seems to be little chance of the AHCA passing the house.

Meanwhile the executive branch has sent an ultimatum to congress, pass the bill, or move on.  (  It seems there is little patience for debate and little room for compromise in Washington in regards to the AHCA.

If the bill does pass The House as is, many feel it will be left to The Senate to amend the bill further to allow it to pass through the Senate with the need votes. However, Senate leader Rand Paul seems to leave little room for that possibility as he has predicted the House will be forced to pull the bill.(

As we wait to see what transpires today in The Capitol, Enroll365 wants our valued partners and clients to know we are closely monitoring the developments as the occur, and will be prepared to meet our clients’ needs moving forward. We believe the right decision is much more desired than a quick decision as it relates to this contentious and partisan battle that is taking place in Washington, and it is our hope that our representatives will make the right decision for all Americans.

We appreciate your partnership, and value your feedback, on this and all issues we face as we strive to ensure the American people have the help they need to obtain the health care coverage they deserve.


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