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Humana is leaving Utah

Humana Is Leaving Utah

By: | October 11th, 2016

Humana is leaving Utah and although Humana wasn’t a big player in Utah, there are still going to be about 9,000 current Humana members looking for a new health insurance plan for 2017.

While Humana is leaving Utah, families and individuals searching for health insurance in Utah are left with Select Health, Molina Health Care of Utah, & University of Utah Health Plans as the remaining three insurers on the Health Insurance Market Place for Utah.

Select Health has a longstanding lead of being the largest carrier in Utah.  They have plans available in 20 of the 29 counties in Utah and are often the only choice for health coverage in many of the counties they serve.

Most Utahans won’t feel the pinch in selection as Humana only represented about 5% of insured members from the market place in Utah. Rates, however, are a different story: We’ve all heard that health insurance premiums are going up across the nation with Molina Health Care of Utah has requested an average rate increase of 34 percent, Select Health an average rate increase of of 30 percent and University of Utah Health an average rate increase of 5 percent in Utah.

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