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Keys to stabilization of the ACA

By: | April 27th, 2017

As we noted last week, Standard and Poor’s analysis of Blue Cross plans across multiple states shows the individual market place is stabilizing.

The key to maintaining this stabilization, and seeing the markets become profitable for carriers, is the continuation of Cost Sharing payments.

Carriers see these payments as critical to continued stabilization.

As noted in this Bloomberg Politics article, carriers such as Molina said, “the cost sharing payments are key to its decision” To stay in the marketplace.

Barring any decisions to deny those payments by the federal government a survey by Oliver Wymann, Finds 96 percent of insurers surveyed said they plan to remain in the ACA marketplace next year.

The article by The Hill goes on to state, “…the vast majority of health insurers remain committed to the ACA exchanges.”

While insurers wait to see what the future holds for cost sharing, it is important to note as quoted in the above mentioned Bloomberg Politics article, Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler pushed back by a month the date when insurers have to say what they’ll offer(on the marketplace exchanges). He’s urging them to stay and thinks most will, but “they’re not making commitments right now”.

Enroll365 remains focused on all aspects of the negotiations in Washington, and will continue to inform our clients and partners about these negotiations as new information becomes available.


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