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Molina Healthcare the low cost leader

Molina Healthcare – the low cost leader

By: | December 12th, 2016

Even with Obamacare taking center stage as a talking point in the recent presidential election and as most insurance providers remain cautious about what President Elect Trump plans to do with The Affordable Care Act. Molina Healthcare appears to have doubled down on its commitment to be the nations low cost leader for health insurance.

Molina Healthcare remains the low cost leader in almost every county they offer insurance.

CNN Money reports this morning that “When it comes to dismantling Obamacare, repeal and replace is looking more like repeal and delay.”

“Repeal and replace” remains a common theme from the Trump camp, but this fray puts many of the already struggling health insurance providers in a difficult situation.  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has already forced many health insurers out of the exchanges, the remaining insurers aren’t likely to feel confident to wait around for a repeal… or a replace.

Molina Healthcare is one of a small group of insurers who have done an outstanding job at creating a market for themselves under Obamacare. Mostly due to their strong history of catering to Medicaid and low income individuals and families. CEO J. Mario Molina expects to continue providing coverage while lawmakers come up with a replacement plan.

We’ve been dealing with government programs for 35 years. We will be flexible and adaptable to whatever the government needs.

~CEO J. Mario Molina


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