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A peek at lowering the cost of the ACA

A Peek at lowering the cost of the ACA

By: | March 11th, 2017

Last week an “Obamacare Repeal and Replace Policy Brief” was released to members of congress as blueprint towards what replacement might look like.
The document covers the perceived failures of the current law, covering specific facts associated with said failure, as well as Key Points in regards to what “Repeal and Replace” will mean to the American Tax Payer.
There are many details in the policy brief that are worth review in regards to the cost to the average American, and what the leadership believes should be done to alleviate the burden described in the brief.

An article recently published in Bloomberg ( however, states that this policy brief has not been well received by leadership, and that, in fact, a new draft has been made available to members of congress for review. This document is being held in a secure location and will likely not be released to the general public anytime soon.
The article states, “The unusual secrecy is a reflection of the sensitivity — and the stakes — surrounding the GOP effort to rewrite the Affordable Care Act, a top priority of President Donald Trump, who has yet to offer his own plan.”

The Policy Brief and this Bloomberg article show that the more we learn, the less we know about what “Repeal and Replace” will mean for the Affordable Care act.
What seems certain is the information and outcome of the efforts occurring in DC are very fluid.

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