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What are the ACA Proposals

What do the Proposed plans actually look like

By: | February 28th, 2017

As we watch the politics unfold in DC around the ACA, there is a constant stream of news circulating in regards to what “Repeal and Replace” means, and what, if any proposed plans have been offered as possible options. We often hear the majority has not put any potential plans together for consideration.
So, have there been any plans presented, and if so, what do the entail?
The following article details seven different plans that have been put forward by the majority in the past, and what those potential plans could mean for replacement.

ACA Provisions Likely to Be Kept:

1. Ban on Pre-Existing condition exclusions
2. Coverage of dependents until age 26
3. Ban on annual and lifetime limits

ACA Provisions Likely Modified or Replaced

1. Continuous Coverage Rather Than an Individual Mandate
2. Cap on the Employer Exclusion Rather Than the Cadillac Tax
3. Tax Credits Based on Age Rather Than Premium Subsidies Based on Income
4. Age Bands Rolled Back to pre-ACA Average of 5:1 Rather Than 3:1
5. Health Savings Accounts

New Provisions

1. High-Risk Pools
2. Sale of Insurance Across State Lines
3. Medicaid expansion block grants or per capita caps

As we have mentioned before, nothing has been brought forward for a vote by congress, and everything we are hearing is based more on potential options than anything that holds any certainty.
We will continue to monitor and inform our partners as more details emerge. And, no matter what you hear, know that your partner, Enroll365, is aware and ready to ensure all of our partners and clients know what they need to know to ensure they have the healthcare coverage they need.

All the best,
Your Enroll365 Team!

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