Protect What Matters Most

There may be several reasons why you're not currently insured. Cost, missed Open Enrollment, or maybe you're healthy so you think you don't need it. Whatever the reason, a short term health insurance plan may resolve most of those issues. Short term health insurance isn't for everyone, but it could be the right solution for you.

What is Short Term Health Insurance?

Historically, Short Term Health Insurance has been, as its name implies, a short term solution for health insurance coverage. In recent years, however, and mostly due to ACA plan premium increases, millions of Americans have found Short Term Health Plans to be a way to obtain lower cost health insurance. Short Term Health Plans can cost 50% less than ACA (Obamacare) plans. At we’re focused on providing you with the facts about these plans and a way to safely connect with major short term health insurance carriers, who are established and vetted.