Individual health insurance with a group feel

Transition to personalized employee benefits.

When you choose agent assisted individual health insurance you are choosing to free your company from uncontrolled premium increases and choosing to free your employees from expensive benefits that they may never need or use.

Individual plans meet the needs of the each employee and release the employer from the burden of managing a group health plan.

Benefits of Individual Health Insurance Through Enroll365

Affordable plans for individuals & families

Many will qualify for premium subsidies

Everyone qualifies for coverage

No pre-existing condition exclusions

Licensed agents that assist with every step of enrollment

Enrollment takes just 20 minutes with no health history forms required

We’ll guide you through every step of the way

Get started today!  Call for a free analysis


Lower Costs, Increased Options, Every Employee Can Enroll

Lower Health Insurance Costs

Enroll365’s health insurance solution lowers health coverage costs to both the company and its employees.  Give us a call and we’ll help you compare your company’s current insurance administrative and financial burden with the individual market, taking into account tax effects, subsidies, and the employer mandate.

Every Employee Can Get Coverage

Full time, part time, temp? it doesn’t matter… People are the core of your business and whether you selfishly or lovingly care about their health… Our solution allows you to offer insurance coverage to Every Employee!

Our support staff will help guide your employees through the transition and be there to answer any questions to ensure they get the coverage they want at a price they can afford.

Once enrolled, we become your employee’s licensed agent; you always have an advocate, someone in your corner to help clear up any hiccups for as long as you have coverage through us.

Employees are offered Insurance tailored to their needs

Employees are able to choose a plan from often hundreds of options.  It’s great to know that if an employee or their family has specific needs that aren’t currently covered with “The Company Health Plan” they now have several options.

Not only does working with Enroll365 substantially reduce the company’s administrative and financial burden. The Enroll365 solution also relieves restrictions, frustration and financial stress from your employees and their families.