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The election is over, where does that leave Obamacare

The election is over, where does that leave Obamacare?

By: | November 14th, 2016

Now that the election is over, where does that leave Obamacare? If you were waiting for the presidential election to be over before you enrolled in a marketplace plan, now is the time to choose a plan that will be meet your health needs.

It pays to see for yourself how a marketplace plan will benefit you. The Federal Marketplace is open and contrary to media reports there are many affordable plans available and many people are qualifying for premium subsidies which decrease the amount you’ll pay each month.

There is speculation as to what the new president elect will do as it relates to the affordable care act known as Obamacare.   There is a new website that gives us a hint as to what the transition team is working on.  Visit for details as they unfold.

Everyone Needs Insurance!

In the meantime it’s Open Enrollment and that means everyone is eligible to enroll in a new health plan for 2017.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity for 2017 health insurance that covers birth control, immunizations and wellness visits, all of which are covered at no additional cost by every carrier on the Marketplace.  There are also no Pre-existing Condition Exclusions and all plans include a Maximum Out Of Pocket.

If you’d like to save even more this year on your monthly premiums, consider enrolling in a Silver High Deductible HSA eligible plan. You’ll pay cash for doctor’s visits but you’ll have the catastrophic coverage in case of a medical emergency. If you are healthy and not anticipating surgery in 2017 and you don’t have any health concerns this is a cost effective way  to get the peace of mind that health insurance provides.

When you enroll in an HSA qualified plan, you’ll be able to contribute the money you would have spent on health insurance into an interest earning savings account that can be used for medical emergencies or other expenses as they arise.  Any amount you don’t use will continue to earn interest year after year until retirement when you can withdraw your HSA funds with no tax penalty.

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