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Repeal and Replace

What does Repeal and Replace look like?

By: | March 21st, 2017

As we continue to monitor the ACA activities taking place in Washington, DC, the message continues to be one of “Repeal and Replace” but what does that mean for Enroll365 and our partners and clients?

What changes will be made, and when? Who will be impacted, and how will they be impacted?

The following article notes detail of four separate bills that have been filed:


Key areas of consideration include:

More Rigorous rules for Special Enrollment periods

Age bands

Grace period provisions

Maintaining coverage


Further information on potential changes that we may see include the expansion of Health Savings Accounts (we think this could be good) as well as the consideration of per capita caps or block grants for Medicaid – which basically involves a financial balancing act of federal funds to support those programs.


All of this is still in the dream realm, even experts admit it’s all assumptions, but we will continue to monitor and bring details to our partners and clients.


We welcome any thought, comments, and opinions, and look forward to working with you to ensure whatever changes occur, we are ready to focus on ensuring people are getting the help they need to ensure they have the best possible health care coverage for themselves and their families.


All The Best,

YOUR Enroll365 Team

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